Advanced Data Analytics Services

Leverage today’s data to predict tomorrow’s outcome

Advanced Analytics Solutions

Catapult provides advanced analytics services and uses the latest technology to identify future trends, map and predict patterns with the help of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and data mining.

Advanced analytics services

Empower Your Decisions

Take a proactive approach to your success by making decisions based on scientific insight.

Advanced analytics services

Predict Future Trends

Empower employees to feel prepared by predicting important trends like an influx in support calls.

Advanced analytics services

Anticipate Business Needs

Predict traffic and drive the route that will take you past your competition.

Advanced Analytics Services

Leveraging Microsoft technologies, Catapult delivers consumable insights and metrics that will optimize your business processes with our advanced analytics services.


Artificial Intelligence

Technological innovation has successfully automated manual tasks for decades, but has often found its limits under circumstances of ambiguity. By leveraging modern AI methodologies, Catapult can help you automate and innovate with systems designed to replicate the intricacies of human thinking.


Data Mining

The process of discovering hidden patterns and trends in data has a long history, but is a practice that is becoming increasingly challenging given the exponential growth of data availability. Catapult will help you navigate these challenges, empowering you to capitalize on the anomalies and correlations within large data sets in order to predict business outcomes.


Data Science

The unprecedented growth in available data has introduced new levels of complexity, requiring equally sophisticated solutions to extract value and meaning. Catapult tackles these challenges by combining proven methods of computer science and mathematics, producing elegant extrapolation of patterns and insights.


Machine Learning

Business insights can be derived from analytical data models with relative ease, but such models often require manual reprogramming to keep pace with evolving requirements. By utilizing algorithms and other computational methods, Catapult can automate much of this analysis by enabling these systems to improve without the burden of explicit programming.

Advanced Analytics Technology Expertise

Azure Data Factory

SQL Server R Services

SQL Server

Office 365 Security


Cortana Intelligence Suite

Azure machine learning

Azure Machine Learning

Data Science & Advanced Analytics Consultants

Advanced analytics services
  • Retain existing customers by identifying at-risk indicators and actionable triggers
  • Target prospects by identifying customers that are likely to be interested in additional products
  • Improve forecast accuracy with data that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your demand forecasts
  • Maximize revenue from existing customers by utilizing customer analytics for effective cross-selling
  • Gain insights with enriched forecasts and analyses of your customers

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