Skype for Business Software Solution

Real-time communication that drives collaboration

As workers become more mobile and companies are challenged to find greater efficiency and cost-cutting, the divide continues to grow between real-time communication, such as phone and voicemail, and productivity-based communication: email, instant messaging and web presence.

Skype for business software

Group audio and video meetings on your favorite devices.

Discover Skype for Business

Meet Microsoft’s enterprise-ready unified communications platform – powered by Skype for business software – and built to manage all of your communication channel tools, including mobile. Skype for Business combines instant messaging, voice, online meetings and video conferencing, providing your users with the rich and consistent experience of a consolidated system.

As your full-service communication platform, Microsoft Unified Communications and Collaboration integrates Skype for Business software with your existing systems and technologies by traversing a somewhat complex roadmap. We cut through the complexity of this integration, making it easy for you to:

  • Create meeting room solutions and spaces where collaboration drives organizational growth

  • Leverage devices that increase workplace efficiency and employee productivity

  • Integrate with third party applications to meet your overall communications strategy

  • Use across multiple devices and technologies

Skype for business software

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Skype for business software
Skype for business software
Skype for business software